A former Agora copywriter and A-list comedy writer unveil…

The Simple 5-step Conversion Comedy Framework To Infuse Your Sales Copy With Humour That Gets Prospects Reaching For Their Wallets (Even If You’ve NEVER Written A Joke Before)

(And EVEN if what you sell is duller than dishwater delivering a PowerPoint on the history of matt emulsion…)

PLUS, you’ll get 12 joke formats that can be added to any form of copy (sales pages, emails, Facebook ads, Tinder bios, cease and desist letters, cartons of oat milk, and many, many more)

Humour has been used to sell for hundreds of years across countless niches for a host of reasons - 12 of which I’ll tell you about in just a moment… 
And, if you’ve ever bought anything from us - you might have noticed that our sales pages aren’t just deliciously persuasive, they’re also funny.* 
*And yes, in a meta twist that makes the movie ‘Inception’ look straightforward, we’ve even added jokes to this one…
Yet most people think we add jokes to our copy just to be “on-brand” - after all, you’d be crazy to buy jokes from a company that appeared to have zero sense of humour. 

 Yes, entertaining sales copy is essential for us, but… 

 …we don’t just use humour in our copy so that we’re on brand. 
And we don’t just use it because we’re emotionally damaged individuals who crave the laughter of strangers to make us feel alive… 
We use it because it SELLS. 
(And - unlike my recently patented all-in-one remote workstation slash hot tub - that’s not a new idea).

David Ogilvy - arguably the greatest advertiser of all time:  

"The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible."

Gary Halbert - arguably the greatest copywriter of all time: 

"Remember, every product and service (no matter how big or small) can benefit from a touch of humor.”

Joe Sugarman - built one of the biggest direct-response businesses in history: 

"Humor is one of the most effective ways to sell."

Steve Jods - close personal friend: 

“I bet you only want a quote from me so that people skim-reading think it’s from Steve Jobs, don’t you? Is that really all I am to you??”

Robert Collier - best-selling author and founder of one of the largest advertising agencies in history: 

"Make your reader smile, and you've built a bridge of connection. Make them laugh, and you've paved a path to conversion."

These legends of the advertising world used humour to get millions of people to pull out their wallets and buy. 

 And more recently, we’ve seen funny ads increase sales for huge brands like Old Spice and take start-ups from zero to billion-dollar exits - like Dollar Shave Club… 

 But the idea of introducing a sense of humour into sales copy can seem scary to some business owners - convinced it would earn them a ticket on the fast train to Cancel City. 

 Or it would simply be too difficult to do. 

 What they don’t realise (but hopefully - you do!) is that there IS a safe and easy way to add humour to your sales copy so you can get more people to read your message and make them more open to buying - all WITHOUT any danger of getting your brand cancelled.*
*Although there is a slight risk that you’ll become so obsessed with telling jokes, you become a maniacal clown-faced villain who terrorises Gotham City. But it’ll be totally worth it.
Unlock the sales-spinning power of conversion comedy with our simple 5-step framework that we teach in our ‘Funny is Money’ workshop.
Our 5-step Conversion Comedy Framework For Boosting Sales In Any Market

Step 1 - Finding Your Funny (and Feeling It)

We all make jokes with friends.  And occasionally, we’ve all been in the “funny zone” and had everyone in the pub / Zoom call / operating theatre rolling around laughing. (Whether it’s from a perfectly timed “that’s what she said”, or something even more deliciously witty.) 

Well, once you learn the “inflection” technique - it takes about 90 seconds - you’ll be able to tap into that funny bone on-demand (and it’ll even help you be funnier in real life - so you can reliably break an awkward silence / lighten up a dull meeting / make your surgeon laugh even when heavily sedated).

Step 2 - The Golden Rules (including the One Joke You Should Never Tell)

Follow our simple rules, and you’ll always know your jokes are both funny and persuasive.  

Plus, we’ll show you the one joke format that - while hilarious - will kill the sale.  

(And no, it’s not that filthy one about the [BLEEP] with the big [BLEEP] stuck up his [BLEEP]... in fact it’s got nothing to do with ‘clean vs dirty’ at all).

Step 3 - Identifying (and Creating) Opportunities

Know exactly where to add jokes* to keep readers glued to the page and have them open to buying from you.
*That’s where to add jokes in your sales copy - so put down that Sharpie and step away from the toilet cubicle, Brian.
Plus - you’ll find out how to create plenty of new gag-making opportunities, without having to rewrite your copy from scratch. (Because let’s be honest - even people who like writing don't like it enough to write the same thing twice).

Step 4 - Writing Jokes

The universal joke formula anyone can use (even my accountant, who has all the natural comedic flair of an ink cartridge).  

PLUS a dozen templates that work across emails, sales pages, bullet points, CTAs and any other place you want to keep the reader's attention or get them to take action (like buying).  

AND - have a failsafe system to help you if you ever get stuck, using AI tools like ChatGPT (as opposed to human tools like my mate Steve, who you met earlier).

Step 5 - Selecting, Editing and Safety Checking

Heighten the humour and ensure it sends conversion rates soaring with our 5-point checklist.  

Plus, the simple litmus test you can use to check every joke you write is brand-safe - and won’t get you cancelled quicker than Kanye West drinking BrewDog on the Hogwarts Express. 
Not convinced that funny = money? (EVEN though it rhymes, and therefore MUST be true!?) Well, OK then… Here are 12 ways humour-infused copy gets your audience begging to buy from you.
Psychology: Humour is known to increase engagement and build the “know, like and trust” factor - which are essential elements in crafting ads and sales pages that convert (not to mention getting invited to more parties).

"Laughter is a universal language and one of our first communication methods. Before we had spoken or written language, humans used laughter to express our enjoyment or accession with a certain situation."

- Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer.

Shareability: Humorous content is often more shareable, which can increase its reach. The more people who see a piece of sales copy, the higher the potential for conversions (and the better you’ll feel about sinking hours of your life into writing the damn thing). 

 "The best ideas are often the ones that make you laugh."

- David Ogilvy, "The Father of Advertising.

Memorability: Humour makes the content more memorable (in a good way, not an “OMG did you see what Balenciaga just did!?” way). People are more likely to remember a funny ad or piece of sales copy, which can increase brand recognition and, over time, conversions. 

 "Humor, used correctly, is one of the quickest ways to get people to recall your brand."

- Ekaterina Walter, best-selling business & marketing author.

Stand Out from Competition: In crowded markets, using humour can help a brand stand out from its competitors (even the ones using expensive celebrity influencers or flashing neon signs that say “FREE BEER”). This increased visibility can lead to higher conversions. 
"The most powerful element in advertising is the truth... and humor is often the best vehicle."

- William Bernbach, Co-founder of DDB - one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

Lowering Defences: Humour can help lower a reader's defences (a bit like a cute wooden horse that’s secretly full of really funny Greek soldiers), making them more receptive to having their city ransacked your sales message. This can increase the likelihood of a conversion. 
"Humor disarms and is charming. People love humor and consider it a great quality, especially when it cracks through solemnity."

- Jean-Louis Bénard, CEO of Sociabble.

Creating Positive Associations: Humour creates a positive connection between a potential customer and a brand or product, which makes a prospect more likely to purchase. Turns out, it’s a lot like three shots of tequila in that respect…

"Humor creates a positive mood, and people who are in a positive mood are more likely to buy."

- Dr. Alice Isen, researcher and professor of psychology and marketing at Cornell University.

Enhanced Storytelling: Humour can enhance storytelling in sales copy, making the copy more engaging and compelling. (Because unlike storytellers in other mediums, we don’t have the luxury of chucking in a “Gotcha! He was a ghost this whole time!” twist and calling it a day.) This can increase reader retention and the likelihood of conversion. 

"A well-told joke is a powerful storytelling tool."

- Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment.

Increased Time on Page: Entertaining sales copy can increase the time a reader spends on a page (whoops, there goes another 1.5 seconds…), giving them more time to be convinced by the sales message (did it work yet?). This increased time can lead to higher conversions. 
"Adding humor to your website can keep visitors on your page longer, and increase the odds they'll share your site with others."

- Neil Patel, marketing expert and founder of Crazy Egg.

And if ALL THAT wasn’t enough (I admire your discerning nature and commitment to the quest for truth!), Dr. Deborah J. MacInnis - editor at the Journal of Marketing - found these conclusive insights: 


Laughter puts consumers in a good mood, which makes them open to…

Impulsive buying - Consumers in a good mood buy more impulsively than consumers in neutral or negative moods.

New Products - People who are in a good mood tend to be more receptive to new products.

Recognition - Consumers are quicker at recognising what kind of brand you are within a product category and how you are different from (or better than) your competitor.

More sales at higher prices - positive moods make consumers more likely to buy AND more receptive to high prices.

So if you want the person reading your ad, email, sales letter, plea for a Presidential pardon, or any other form of copy to be more likely to take action, buy, at higher prices and make their buying decision quickly - use humour-infused copy. 

(And if you don’t want any of that good stuff? Go ahead and use whatever you like... A second-hand tea bag. A mouldy sock. Wasps.)
How much of a difference can comedy really make to my bottom line? (Spoiler Alert: flipping loads).
Comedy can get more eyes on your sales copy, keep your prospects reading for longer, and make more people say “hell yes!” to your offers and your upsells - but what does that mean for your bottom line? 
It’s maths time, baby… 
Let’s imagine you’re selling a $100 product with a $397 UpSell:

 1,000 people land on your sales page - but only 30% (300) make it as far as the front-end offer (RIP the other 70%, distracted by yet another ‘Wes Anderson’ TikTok or, heaven forbid, something in the real world…) 

 So 300 see the offer - but only 10% take you up on it (30). 

 So 30 people buy your front-end product, but only 10% say yes to your UpSell (3)

From 1,000 clicks, you’ve got yourself 30 new customers and $4,191 in revenue. 
Sure, that’s better than a slap with a wet haddock… 

But I’ve seen conversion comedy boost each of those metrics by as little as 20%, and as much as 200% - let’s take the most conservative figure as our estimate. 

So this time:

 1,000 people land on your sales page - and 36% (360) make it as far as the front-end offer. (Take THAT, annoying TikTok trend…)

 Of the 360 who see the offer, 12% take you up on it (43) 

 Of the 43 people who buy your front-end product, 12% say yes to your UpSell (5)

So from the same 1,000 clicks you’ve now got 43 new customers and $6,285 in revenue. 

And once you’ve got this system down, you could add jokes to a 3000-word sales page in 60 minutes (that’s the length of this page) - which is a pretty sweet ROI for an hour of joking around… 

(And that’s before we do the maths on cheaper clicks from a warmer audience - thanks to your entertaining, engaging ads and emails). 

But I’m sure you’re starting to see how someone like Dollar Shave Club can use comedy to create a billion-dollar exit selling cheap razors you’d find in any supermarket. (No offence, lads!) 

Now, of course, I am NOT promising you a billion-dollar exit. 

(And not just because a billion dollars is far too much to spend on a single door…) 

In fact, I’m not going to make any promises of income at all - I don’t know your work ethic, business, offers, Incognito mode search history, commitment to supporting a menagerie of exotic animals, or anything else I’d need to know to make such a promise. 
What I do promise you is this - we’ve been using comedy to increase sales in every imaginable niche for almost a decade, and I will show you everything we know about adding comedy to copy. 

(And I mean EVERYTHING - up to and including “What brand of coffee do you drink by the gallon while writing?” and, related, “How many times do you visit the bathroom?”) 

We’ll make it as step-by-step simple as possible and provide you with our best joke templates and formulas - so you have everything you need to increase sales with humour-infused copy.
During Our ‘Funny is Money’ Workshop, As Well As Our 5-step Conversion Comedy Framework, You’ll Also Learn:

Why our framework works for everyone: You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to write humour-infused copy. (So there’s no need to rush out and buy a red velvet tux and/or five grams of ‘magic energy powder’ just yet.) If you can crack a joke with friends, this will work for you - as our framework leverages your natural ability to make friends laugh and turns it into a repeatable system.

That’s right. Being friendly is FINALLY going to pay off.

The hidden power of laughter: Master the psychological triggers that make humour so compelling, giving your sales copy an irresistible edge.

Diversify your humour arsenal: Effortlessly wield relatable jokes, puns, wordplay, and one-liners to captivate and entertain - leaving your prospects hungry for more.

Decode your audience's funny bone: Uncover the secrets to tailoring humour to diverse target markets, ensuring every joke lands with precision and triggers their desire to buy.

Synchronise humour with brand voice: Seamlessly weave jokes into your brand's persona, creating an unforgettable identity that sticks in your audience's mind.

Timing mastery: Discover the art of perfect comedic timing, placing jokes strategically to captivate your audience without overwhelming them.

The perfect blend: Learn to harmonise humour with persuasive messaging, crafting copy that tickles funny bones while compelling prospects to take action.

Joke craftsmanship: Elevate your sales copy with expertly crafted jokes that are relevant, engaging, and designed to leave a lasting impression.

Get out of that other thing you don’t really want to do on Thursday: Just tell them this is far more important.

Polishing humour to perfection: Refine and sharpen your jokes, ensuring each word delivers maximum impact and triggers the desired response.

The proof is in the punchline: Harness the power of testing and feedback to create humour-infused copy that converts like never before.

Never cross the line: Learn how to skillfully navigate cultural sensitivities, crafting jokes that resonate with diverse audiences while avoiding unintended offence.

Conquer writer's block: Unleash your inner comedic genius with proven strategies to overcome writer's block and consistently generate humorous copy.

Spellbinding stories: Weave humour into powerful narratives, creating sales copy that captivates, entertains, and inspires action.

The sales killer: Understand the one type of joke you must NEVER tell - this extremely popular joke format will get laughs, but it’ll kill any chance of the sale.

Outwit the competition: Analyse your rivals and seize opportunities to stand out with a unique, memorable brand personality.

Stay ahead of the curve: Continuously sharpen your humour skills, adapting to industry trends and evolving audience preferences for sustained success.

Emulate the masters: Learn from real-world examples of humour-infused sales copy, dissecting the strategies employed by industry leaders for maximum impact.

I think this training is perfect for you if you…

Are a copywriter writing for clients. Wow your clients by writing a sales page they - and their customers - love to read and buy from.

Work in-house as a copywriter or marketer - bring your sales pages to life and see conversions skyrocket.

Understand English (American English is fine, as long as you don’t mind the fact we sometimes say things like “cheers” and “shouldn’t that word have a U in it?” )

Manage other copywriters or marketers - either as a business owner, copy chief or marketing manager - and you want to give them an edge over your competitors by punching up their copy through our framework.

Have somewhat reliable access to the internet, or can break into the house of somebody who does.

Are a business owner who writes their own sales pages - most copywriters don’t know these techniques - yet they're so powerful, you could conceivably “out-convert” an A-list copywriter with this framework. Our simple system will show you how.

Here’s what’s included in our Funny Is Money Workshop…

Here’s everything you’ll get when you join..

Lifetime access to The Funny Is Money Workshop. 

The 5-Step Comedy & Conversions Framework.

A feeling of smug superiority over pretty much every other marketer, business owner or copywriter on the internet…

The slides from the workshop for quick reference.

Our best joke templates for infusing copy with comedy.

A signed photo of our A-list comedy writer (available on request, this has little to no value in terms of money or anything else - but his contract says we have to offer it…)

BONUS: Universal 12 joke formats that can be added to any form of copy.

Here’s the deal…
This is the first in a series of workshops planned for the members of our flagship group-coaching program - the Social Success Machine Accelerator - which costs $997 per year.

Knowing just how much immediately-actionable value there is going to be in each of these additional workshops - we could easily be charging hundreds of dollars for each one.

(Note to self: Erm… why are we not doing this?? That prosecco fountain for the office break room isn’t going to buy itself…)

After all, even a small bump in your conversion rate could be worth thousands of dollars (or more) per month.

But given the current financial climate (and the fact that I don’t really want a prosecco fountain, but I DO secretly want you all to join our group-coaching program), I’m going to price this workshop at an easily affordable rate.

That way you’ll get to experience the results of using our frameworks and then - hopefully - you’ll want to join our coaching program after that.

So, today you can get lifetime access to the Funny Is Money Workshop and everything described on this page for just one payment of $97. 
That’s access to…

Lifetime recordings* to The Funny Is Money Workshop.

*That’s recordings of the workshop, for your lifetime - not recordings of your lifetime (I’ll leave that to Zuckerberg).

The 5-Step Comedy & Conversions Framework.

The slides from the workshop for quick reference.

Our best joke templates for infusing copy with comedy.

My controversial conspiracy theory about the link between double-stuff Oreos and JFK.

And the BONUS 12 joke formats that can be added to any form of copy.

All for just one payment of $97

Plus you’ll be backed by our 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

If you don’t like the training for any reason (like, to quote a recent example, “the content was amazing but your hairstyle reminded me of my recently deceased pet ferret”) - or even for no reason at all - simply email us, and we’ll issue you a full refund. 

So if you want to create your highest-ever converting sales page, join the workshop by completing the form below today.

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